Conditions and rules of stay

Reservation: is made by e-mail: or by phone at tel. no.:+421 947 978 503. The reservation becomes binding upon sending a written confirmation of the reservation by the accommodation provider.

Cancellation: If the customer cancels the reservation or does not start the stay, the accommodation provider has the right to pay the cancellation fee. Cancellation of the reservation is made in writing delivered to the contact e-mail or postal address.

Cancellation fees: in the days before starting the stay, expressed as a % of the price of the stay
• 60-31 days: no charge, 30-15 days: 50%, 14-0 days: 100%.

Prices for accommodation: are in accordance with the valid price list and are accessible on the website of the accommodation provider. The host has the right to change the published prices.

Check-in: from 15:00 to 20:00.
Departure from the stay: by 10:00, the same day.

Deposit: When starting the stay, the customer deposits a refundable deposit in the amount of €400 in cash as a guarantee in case of destruction or damage to the inventory, accommodation facilities or non-compliance with the rules of the stay. Without damage, the deposit is refundable on the last day of the stay, after handing over the object.

• Only a guest who is properly registered for accommodation can be accommodated in Chata pri Dedovka (private accommodation). When starting a stay, each person registered for a stay must present a valid identification document – ID card, passport, etc. If it is not submitted, the accommodation provider is not obliged to provide accommodation. The number of guests (adults and children) must correspond to the number of persons specified in the order/reservation.

It is strictly PROHIBITED to smoke and use open FIRE, including CANDLES, in all areas of the building. Outdoor areas are reserved for smoking. A fire can only be started in a designated place (kettle, grill, fireplace). The accommodated persons are aware of the increased risk of fire and compensation for any damage.

• The entire object, including the inventory, is in a condition suitable for proper use and an undisturbed stay. When starting a stay, the person staying in the accommodation will check the condition and functionality of the equipment in their own interest and report any defects to the accommodation provider without delay. The accommodated person is responsible for any damage caused to property and equipment in the entire building and for damage caused by co-lodged persons in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

• By their behavior, the accommodated persons prevent the danger of destruction or damage to the accommodation facility, including its inventory. They deal with electricity, heat and water efficiently and use trash cans and prepared containers to sort waste.

• Wireless Internet connection is available in every room. The password is available in the common room of the cottage. Every room and common room has the option of watching cable and Internet TV using SMART TV. The remote control for the TV and other controls are located in the interior of the cottage. Using the WiFi network to download movies via torrents or other illegal content (music, games…) is strictly prohibited.

• From 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. there is a nighttime silence, which every accommodated person is obliged to observe, violation of which may result in a misdemeanor fine.

• Accommodation of pets is not allowed even for a fee. In case of violation of this prohibition, the accommodation provider will not accommodate the person registered for the stay.

• Bringing in any own device/equipment or own heat sources and cookers or own gas/electrical appliances, except for personal hygiene items (electric shaver, electric toothbrush, etc.), and except for common appliances (mobile phone, laptop, charger, etc.) it is strictly forbidden to enter the premises of the entire building.

• Any changes, modifications, repairs and interventions in networks and other installations, manipulation of technical and technological equipment and facilities in the entire building and performance of any activity threatening the safety of property and persons, such as are in it are prohibited. Moving furniture without the consent of the accommodation provider is not allowed.

One key is given to the guest for use, €200 in cash is charged for its loss or damage.

• It is not allowed to leave and provide the object to other persons who are not registered for residence. Visits are only permitted with the prior consent of the accommodation provider. Overnight visit is not allowed.

• In the indoor spaces, the accommodated persons use household shoes, outdoor shoes are placed in the entrance hall of the cottage. It is strictly forbidden to move around in ski downhill shoes, cross-country ski shoes or cycling shoes in the entire building. This shoe is placed in a reserved place.

• For safety reasons, parents or persons with whom the child is registered to stay do not leave children under the age of 15 unattended and bear full responsibility for the children in all circumstances.

It is forbidden to throw any objects, hygiene items, food, or pour liquids that are not intended for this purpose into the WC and sink waste. In case of clogging of the waste pipe as a result of non-compliance with the mentioned instruction, compensation for damage is applied to the full extent.

• The lodger or a person authorized by him reserves the right to enter the premises of the entire building during the duration of the stay in order to perform official duties (necessary repairs and maintenance, emergency situations, etc.) and in cases of suspected violations of the rules of stay.

• The lodger reserves the right to immediately terminate the stay if the accommodated persons grossly violate good manners or the rules of stay, if they cause significant damage to property, or if their behavior is indecent and not to allow further stay to persons who have already behaved in this way in the past.

Every time the resident leaves the entire building, he closes the water taps, turns off the lights, turns off the electrical appliances, closes all windows, doors and locks all doors, including the entrance and entrance gate.

• After the end of the stay, before handing it over, the accommodated persons perform basic cleaning: put the used towels/towels on the floor in the room, wash the kitchen utensils, clean the kettle, grill and fireplace, empty the refrigerator of food, dump all the garbage in the designated place and hand over the key accommodation provider.

• Before making the order/reservation, the customer familiarizes himself with the conditions and rules of the stay and expresses his unreserved consent to them and undertakes to comply with them.

• Accommodated persons are obliged to familiarize themselves with and comply with the conditions and rules of stay. Ignorance of them is not a reason for non-fulfilment of obligations, and their violation establishes the legal right of the accommodation provider to withdraw from the provision of accommodation before the agreed time has expired.

Emergency phone numbers:

Police: 158
Emergency medical service: 155
Fire and rescue service: 150
Integrated rescue system: 112
Phone number for the accommodation provider: +421 947 978 503